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What can I say, I have enjoyed photography for many years back in the days of black & white film, large format cameras. 
My mentor was a fine gentleman by the name of Jan Sherba who taught me at a very early age, he ran a very successful photography business in Albany West Australia and I spent many a night in his darkroom learning about the fundamentals of photography. 
He has passed on to the big canvas in the sky I am always reminded of our bond every time I have my camera in my hand. I wished that he was still around today, to see how it has all changed and you are no longer trapped in the darkroom to produce images for the world to see. 

We all know famous landmarks all over the world that everyone photographs, I believe that we have our own beauty in nature all around us in our everyday lives and that is what I try and capture when i point my camera. 

John Bosich (Bosso)